:about me

Currently the IT Director for the fastest growing hosting companies in the UK, UKFast, where I have been employed now for overĀ 10 years. My background before moving into the hosting market was in computer hardware, I was employed as the Technical Manager for a company called Doctor PC.

Having spent the past 15 years helping UKFast to grow to what it is today from a technical perspective, I’ve had to adapt my abilities and knowledge to grow with my environment. My days usually consist of working on the direction of UKFast from a technical perspective but I still have involvement in day to day activities such as helping build solutions, coding, speaking to clients on both issues and growing/expanding solutions.

I class myself as a Linux geek advocate but I’ve also worked with Microsoft products both client and server technologies, Cisco, F5 and Dell products. I’m familiar with IP4v and IPv6 networks, high availability and disaster recovery solutions, business continuity, PCI-DSS and ISO compliance.

I’m a developer for an Open Source project called LibreNMS, born out of the frustration of another NMS and the developers attitude to users. I like the open nature and freedom that Open Source brings along with the community it creates.